The Covid Pivot

New times called for new pivots. During Covid, we were quickly reminded that so much of our business revolves around events, retail shopping, and people being out in the world. So when normal broke, we were all forced to consider how to do things differently.
Observe a few ways many of us did a marvelous pivot:

Working Remotely
[& odd hours]
The world will for sure look different, WFH has proven that a flexible location can work. So can a flexible schedule. With some of us also juggling kids at home [more below], emailing or writing blog posts at 9:30pm or 2:30am is more common than before.

Working with Kids
Wow, this is something that not all of us are cut out for. I can only speak for myself here (Genevieve), nope, I’m not a homeschool parent. I can say I did it. And don’t want to do it again.
Give teachers all the money! They are saints!
My favorite work call with kids was by far speaking to a father of 3.
G: “Hey man, how’s it going today?”
D: “Good, I’m here at the house, my 4 year old is painting my toe nails…
[sidebar to child] honey, you can pick whatever color you want.”
Needless to say, my heart was full that day! And I had the opportunity to gain a glimpse into the character of this dad – connection with his child was important. I’m thankful for this chance to build relationship during a stressful time.

Provide New Services
Our restaurants did an amazing job of thinking outside the box! Family meals, curbside pick up, deliveries. A favorite was a “make at home” dessert kit – this gave us a nice treat and a project with the kids!
If you are in Waco and want a great meal, dine in or curbside, our friends at Revival Eastside Eatery adjusted to limitations with grace & good food! Even selling t-shirts as a way to bring in revenue.

Online Retail
Unless you went off the grid completely, you know that online shopping exploded!  A few of our friends captured the hearts of people sheltering in place… StayWilde and Hustle&Thrive both have that playful adventure vibe crossed with a walking billboard that has a powerful message. Congress Clothing honored the “Endless Spring Break” along with a few designs that supported the Baylor Excellence Fund. Thanks to their partnership, we kept the presses running and shipped product straight to their end customers.

Baylor’s iconic Dr Pepper Hour has been a long-standing tradition since 1953. Each week students, faculty and staff come together and socialize while enjoying a refreshing Dr Pepper float. With social distancing in effect, the Department of Student Activities has already begun offering virtual experiences, and what better way to add to the experience than by creating Dr Pepper Hour at home?! The vision was set up by Jordy Dickey and we helped bring it to life complete with a custom Dr Pepper Hour bottle and box! We created an online store to take pre-orders and shipped each specially packed box to students and alumni.

If you are dreaming of ways to do business in a new way, let’s connect! It’s our passion to help you think outside the box and create products that make you look awesome.

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