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Why Choose Us?

Creating custom apparel and promotional items that you are proud of can be a challenge. We know that you want to feel good about the products you make, and to do that, you need vision and execution. Hole in the Roof believes that swag doesn’t have to get tossed aside, which is why we’ve refined the creation process so you save time, money, and look awesome.

Our Team

The Hole in the Roof family has always been a close one.
We work hard and we are nice to people.
We are better together.

Abby Leal
Graphic Designer
Alberto Leon
Allisha Gibson
Quality Control
Annie Wilde
Graphic Designer
Bryce Sandvall
Purchasing Lead
Faith Danielson
Team Coordinator
Genevieve Peel
Ike Lee
Sales Lead
Janette Tinoco
Joel Peel
Owner + President
Laura Little
Admin Assassin
Madison Householder
Front of the House + Marketing
Maria Aguilar
Quality Control
Pam Samford
Account Manager
Raven Hearton
Account Manager
Travis Young
Hangs Out


We were fresh out of college when Hole in the Roof sparked to life, and we have grown from friends into family over the years. Our office atmosphere is casual while productive. Big windows, concrete floors, wood accents, lunch time laughs, PacMan games, & homemade cookies. If you want to be in a space where work and people matter, apply with us!