“What’s in a name?”  As William Shakespear so poetically explained it in “Romeo and Juliet”.  There’s an explanation for almost every name.  We as humans, parents, pet owners, entrepreneurs, etcetera, have a reason or personal connection in giving something a name.  Naming has a conventional responsible attachment.  

Joel Peel wanted his company to be more than just his name. Hole in the Roof was inspired by a story in the book of Luke from the bible. This story is about people going above and beyond to creatively help their friend in need while finding the power to believe in something bigger than themselves.  As told on every customer box, business is bigger than just a job to us.  Our goal is to humbly do our best to find creative solutions, build relationships, and serve our customers well every day.

We value you as our customer and love building the relationship.  We are here to help you create products that make you look AWESOME, and won’t let the stress of creating something new keep you from the swag you deserve.  You are truly appreciated and always look forward to serving you!


“What is in YOUR name?” Get ready to hear more from our customers who have a meaningful story to share. 

Tell your story,  we want to hear it!

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