Good Vibes ONly

During the pandemic, remote work, and virtual learning, these AWESOME swag staples are back in the spotlight.

Go ahead, give it a squeeze! This adorable masked happy emoji stress reliever reminds everyone to mask up. An ideal giveaway for healthcare providers.

Burn, plant, and grow! This ceramic candle vessel transforms into a planter after the flame has burned down and includes a complete kit to grow aloe, basil, or daisies.

Spinners are still winners for relieving anxiety. Include this in new employee kits or send it to staff still working from home to increase focus and decrease stress.

This custom coloring kit lets recipients relax, focus and enjoy the simple pleasure of coloring.  A great way to capture attention for your brand!

This cute Moptopper has microfiber “hair” that can be used to clean any size screen, and the face works as a stress reliever.  A fun giveaway for nearly any business.

This carry-along version provides a touch of tranquility on the go.  The Zen gardening kit, includes a tray, fine sand, decorative rocks, and a miniature wooden rake.

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