A time of unity and togetherness

Winter is around the corner, and it’s time to start planning your winter retreat swag. Let’s unify your group in style and fun! Check out our ideas below to make this year’s retreat the best yet!

Let’s create some apparel for your retreat that UNITES! Choose your own design or let us create something AWESOME for your group! Don’t forget, these shirts and sweatshirts aren’t just clothing, they’re a symbol of the togetherness for everyone involved!

Commemorate the retreat with custom journals and pens and enhance your group’s overall experience and growth. With journals, your group will capture reflections, prayers, and memorable moments to cherish for years to come.

Totes aren’t only practical, they’ll offer a sense of unity among your group. Plus, tote bags provide a convenient way for everyone to carry essentials for the weekend like water bottles, notebooks, pens, books, and other items during both indoor/outdoor activities or group sessions.

Embrace the winter chill with style and unity through our custom headwear specially designed for your upcoming retreat! Stay warm with beanies or go for a trucker or dad hat that can be rocked year-round.

Stickers and buttons can be excellent additions to a winter retreat as they add a touch of personalization, fun, and memorability to the event. Best of all, when everyone wears or uses them, it fosters a sense of unity and shared experience.

Custom blankets can be a wonderful addition to a winter retreat. As blankets offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere, your group can use these blankets during quiet moments as well as group sessions and discussions.

I'm ready to order something AWESOME!

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