What's In Your Cup?

Empty your cup, so that it may be filled…

Bruce Lee

In this day and age, the drinking vessel is taken for granted.

If it’s not made of glass, stainless, or plastic, maybe with a lid and straw, and conveniently available in our kitchen cabinet, convenience store, or drive-thru, we as humans would be absolutely lost!

Have you ever thought of the very first cup?

The very first cups were made of wood.  Next were the first pottery mugs that had very thick walls and difficult to sip from.  Then fine metals were used but became very hot to the touch because they had super thin walls.  Around 600 EC, porcelain was introduced.  The porcelain had thin walls but was fit for hot and cold drinks.

Then we take a HUGE jump into the 20th century when China made the first disposable coffee cup but was used for serving tea.  In 1981, the first coffee cup lid was created, and finally in 1991 came the first coffee cup sleeves.

Pretty interesting huh?!  

Take a look below and see something enticing to pour into!

Show off your new TEA ROOM brand with a distinctive and eclectic style! What a great way to spread the word and draw attention with a one-of-a-kind lidded 13 oz teacup. Customers will line up to try the BEST tea in the BEST cup!!!
It's a beauty! A 16oz ceramic mug with a vintage finish on the body. It features an innovative groove design on the top for holding teabags, but perfect for coffee. The wood, push-on lid is spill-resistant. A definite plus!
Ready for a refill? The 14 oz double-wall stainless steel barrel mug will keep beverages at your desired temperature. Equipped with a sturdy stainless steel handle, you'll be sure to muscle a maximum fill!
Hot off the press (figuratively so!)😉, the NEW CamelBak 12 oz is great from sunrise to sunset. Looking good on the outside while keeping drinks at an ideal temp on the inside. The tri-mode lid opens for variated flows and is spill-resistant when closed.
The perfect 9 oz coffee or tea tumbler for on-the-go or at work. Baristas love these small glass cups making it easier to perform their latte art in! Because of their small size, it's easier to use when making cortados or cappuccinos.
Favoring the Massimo Vignellis iconic dinnerware, this 11oz Mug is lightweight, adorable, and practically unbreakable! It may not survive a herd of bison but it can certainly stand up to the everyday pressures of an office environment.
What's better than cups that stack?! This 14 oz mug has a smooth matte body and nature baked bottom. It's microwave and dishwasher safe. This is a wonderful go-to when finding something basic, but stylish with an ergonomic fit.
Give a gift as unique as your brand, with the world’s first temperature control mug! Advanced technology for the perfect sip by building the heating components directly into the mug, allowing for perfect temperature regulation.

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