Whether you’re a tech guru, a gadget aficionado, or just someone who loves to stay updated on the hottest tech trends, you’ve got to see what we have in store this week!

Check out these innovative items we’ve rounded up that are sure to draw attention and make you and your people feel AWESOME!

This innovative desk organizer has it all! It incudes a clipboard, three magnetic docks, one foldable accessory holder, a card holder, pen clip, cable clip and a foldable phone stand, making it so easy to organize any desk!

That’s right! We’re bringing you a drone – with multiple features at that! Through the provided app, you can see the live video as you fly your drone while recording the whole experience! The drone can do forward, backward, and sideways flight and so much more!

Powerful and bright, this crazy awesome flashlight can light the way, power up your smartphone and even jump start your car!! Whether you’re stuck with a dead phone battery or a dead car battery, this flashlight by mophie lets you stay powerful in just about any situation!

This is not your average powerbank; it’s a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with built-in music controls and microphone that will play your favorite listens for up to 8 hours at maximum volume! Use the speaker to charge not just one device but two at the same time!

I'm ready to order something AWESOME!

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