Happy Holidays from Hole in the Roof!

From family gatherings to Grandma’s recipes and everything in between… Here are some of our holiday favorites!

COVID was the Christmas coal in my stocking in 2020 which meant I was quarantined from my family, friends, and most favorite holiday of the year!  Holiday salutations, gift giving, and virtual hugs were done via Face Time and a family drive by.  By the end of the day, both my spirit and poor Christmas Tree were pretty wrecked.  This year, we are making up for all the things!  All the food, ALL the family and ALL THE HOLIDAY HUGS!  I can’t wait – Merry Christmas!!

We always have a fantastic dinner with my Nana’s chicken in the blankets recipe. And on Christmas morning, “meat cookies”…Sausage rolled up in to pastry and sliced into little cookie size bites …along with a large breakfast of eggs, pancakes, little smokies, and more. Whatever it is we are eating, what makes its special is the family and friends around us. And the reminder that Christmas is a celebration of the greatest gift ever given, Jesus.

From some of my first childhood memories of Christmas, comes a memory of a very special decoration. Atop of my grandmother’s dining room table sat a wooden Christmas Pyramid from Germany. It was towering, with small little wooden figures and adorned with tiny candles. We would all gather around it for Christmas dinner as it rotated ever so gently from the heat of the candles. I now have one of my own, its presence reminding me of memories of family, friends, and traditions.

Christmas is the time of year for me to pass on old traditions, embrace new ones, and be with family. The saying “Believe in the magic of Christmas,” strengthens my faith in God, and to be a better me. Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve we gather with my mom’s side of the family for food, games, and presents. My mom is one of four sisters, so I have lots and lots of cousins. It’s always loud and chaotic, but so much fun.

We have a party at our house on New Year’s Eve with Rock Band, karaoke, and pizza.  Uncle Jeff sounds just like Johnny Cash when he sings so everyone looks forward to his annual rendition of “Ring of Fire.”

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