Holiday in the Park

Faith Danielson

The last few years we have gone to Six Flags Over Texas for Holiday in the Park!

We also usually go see a movie together.

Christmas day someone MUST read the nativity/Christmas story if we are at my Grandparent’s.

Usually when distributing presents the youngest kid/cousin present is the “ELF” who has to pass presents out!

BLORA + Megg's Cafe

Bryce Sandvall

We pick one night to drive down to see the lights at BLORA with friends and then eat the most amazing breakfast-for-dinner at Megg’s Café in Temple.

Pro Tip: Get to BLORA right as its getting dark…Otherwise you might sit in a long line to get into the park. Also…Megg’s is only open til 8:30pm…

So if you need to flip flop these two activities based on your schedule – you totally can.

Traditional Eats

Joel Peel

We always have a fantastic dinner with my Nana’s chicken in the blankets recipe.

And on Christmas morning, “meat cookies”…Sausage rolled up in to pastry and sliced into little cookie size bites …along with a large breakfast of eggs, pancakes, little smokies, and more.

Whatever it is we are eating, what makes its special is the family and friends around us.   

And the reminder that Christmas is a celebration of the greatest gift ever given, Jesus. 

Meemaw & Papa’s for Christmas

it's a tradition & all i have ever known!

For as long as I can remember, this is how it goes down:

First night everyone gets in town:
• Weenie roast/Obnoxious Sweater party with family and close friends

Christmas Eve:
• Las Posadas ‘Party’ after church at Meemaw & Papa’s – we don’t do the full out tradition, but it’s more of a celebration of another year, seeing family, friends, and neighbors, eating Mexican food, singing, etc.  Years ago we could stuff that house with almost 100 people and my grandma even let us do cascarones in the house... confetti everywhere… The numbers have dwindled as we’ve all got older but some people have come every year for over 20 years!!

• My parents, brother and I have always spent the night and had ‘Santa’ come to my M&P’s house. We bring all our presents over, over-stuff the house with people and pets, and wait to see what Santa brought us… literally. My mom still get us Santa gifts!

Basically it’s a lot of family, a lot of eating, a lot of drinking, but I’ve never done it any other way! – Abby Boyd

Alice's Christmas Decorations

a waco tradition
image courtesy of

Brittany VanCleave takes a traditional drive over to Proctor Ave each Christmas season.

This is at least Alice Tristan’s 4rd year putting up decorations for kids to enjoy!!
“I just love Christmas,” said Tristan. “I do it for the kids.”  ‘Dr. Pepper’ also keeps her going, she joked.

In 2017, Tristan won ‘The Great Light Fight’ national TV competition, however, she says she’s added even more decorations this year.
Thousands walk through or drive by the house on N. 28th and Proctor during the holidays.  Catch a glimpse of this spectacle here.

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