I was involved with Young Life (YL) for 6 years as a volunteer leader then area director. YL was the first thing in my life that I found passion in. Since leaving YL in an official capacity I have stayed in contact with my old kids leaders, and gotten involved with the local area where I moved.

When I started my new job search I was very concerned I was going to lose having a job that valued relationships, which was one of my favorite parts of being on YL staff. Then I found Hole in the Roof, a company that values its customers and the relationships that are cultivated with them.

At Hole in the Roof we want to work with good people who value the same things that we do. For me, some of those people are YL staff people from across the country. I have walked with kids, fought for kids, cried with kids, prayed with kids. I have spent countless hours on busses, in lunch rooms, grabbing coffee and doing club and campaigners. I have done what you do, and walked where you walk. I understand the purpose, difficulties and blessings involved with running a YL area.

I would love the opportunity to work to make your job easier, and leave you more time to be hanging out with your kids, leaders, and committee.