Young Life: Redefining Christian Ministry

Around the office, I'm known as the Young Life (YL) guy for two reasons: One, I work with about 70 YL areas around the country. Two, before I came to work at Hole in the Roof (HTR), I ran my own YL area. Even before that, I was a volunteer leader at YL throughout college.

YL became one of the first things in life I found real passion in. There are so many reasons that I found YL so attractive.

For starters YL met kids exactly where they already were. YL leaders abandon the traditional “You come to us” ministry method. Instead, they go out to lunches, games, practices, plays, etc. and meet kids on their own turf. This means that kids that normally wouldn't be found anywhere near a church or religious organization were now being pursued by leaders who cared about them without any strings attached. When I went into a lunchroom, I knew that the majority of the kids I spoke to would never show up at a YL event, and I was perfectly alright with that.

YL is also for every kid, whether you were the star of the football team, ran the soundboard for the theatre department, or simply just went to school and kept your head down. It was always a blast to see someone walk into a high school with you for the first time and see just how wide of a variety of kids we were connected to.

I could rant and rave about all of the awesome ins and outs of YL all day, but at the end of the day I love YL because it works.

Check out some of the things we have been doing for Young Life lately.

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