An Awesome Waco Pastime You Probably Hadn't Considered

One of the greatest features Waco has to offer, and my favorite pastime on a nice day, is the disc golf course at Cameron Park.

Disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf, is growing vastly in popularity and is now played in over 40 countries. The Waco area alone offers three full disc golf courses. The premises of disc golf is to throw discs into a baskets, which are sometime hundreds of yards away, in as few throws as possible. The sport tests your accuracy, your precision, and sometimes even, your patience.

All you need to play is a course and a disc, which is typically inexpensive and can be bought at any local sporting goods store. Cameron Park has two separate courses: Cameron Park West and Brazos Park East. The courses are separated by the Brazos River, and both span 18-holes throughout the park. The Cameron Park courses provide obstacles including dense foliage, steep embankments, and water hazards. The variety of challenges test my skills every time I play.

It usually takes me roughly two hours to play a course depending on the size of the group I am playing with. Disc golf provides a wonderful outlet for friendly competition which typically leads to good-natured laughter at each other’s expense. I play disc golf with my family and my friends, and, although I typically go with a group of people I already know, I meet new and interesting people each time I play. It’s an enjoyable way to spend a day in good company.

The Waco Disc Golf Association often put on events, including tournaments, which can be participated-in or just spectated. All these events can be found on the online calendar on the Waco Disc Golf Association Website. The WDGA does have a membership fee of $20, but it is well worth the investment. The events take place at all three courses in Waco and provide cool opportunities for entertainment throughout the week.

There is nothing like spending time in nature and getting a workout in the process. Disc golf is a perfect way to do just that. While the sport is not too physically demanding, you get just as much exercise as a hike through the park. So next time you feel like being active in nature, go grab a disc and hit up one of the great courses in Waco!

For more information on Cameron Park and the disc golf courses, check out the Cameron Park Mobile App that's available for download.

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