The interview we’ve all been waiting for

The queen of candor. The pundit of punctuality. The ace of aesthetics. The pirate of professionalism…you guessed it. We ARE talking about the girl in the picture. Lesli Hill.

Lesli is a designer at HTR. She doesn’t have a nickname for her car, but she has no qualms if you do. Lesli likes thrifting and grilling things wrapped in bacon. Her well-crafted designs and chipper demeanor make her an easy gal pal to work with. Let us dig below the surface and find out what makes this lady tick.

I hear you got a new house. When are you going to invite everyone over for a party?
Yes ma’am! We’ve final made the leap, and made what some call an “adult purchase”. I’m already feeling more like a grown up. Soon I’ll be drinking hot tea and saying “I just don’t understand the music kids listen to these days.” Wait I already do that. [confirmed]. HA!…Anyway, about the party. Heck yes were having a party and everyone’s invited!! When you ask…soon, very soon.

*editor’s note: Her story checks out. There was a party. ‘Twas a fine party with fine people, food and beverages.

How many fingers and toes do you have? About how many do you use?
Well I have the usual 10, and I’d like to think I utilize all of them.

Great answer! Would you rather go a year doubling your consumption of butter or peanut butter? You get none of the other.
Hmm, tough choice. I guess I’ll go with the healthier option to consume more peanut butter. You can’t beat a good BP&J.

I think you can, but an opinion can’t technically be wrong. What is something you learned from design school that is important to you?
Be a lifetime student and never stop studying design. And CTRL-Z.

Amen sister. What is one thing/ idea /person that inspires you?

Top three design blogs: … DLF FOREVER!!!

Last good book you read:
Public Enemies

Last terrible movie you saw:
I try to avoid bad movies.

Last idea you wish you thought of first:
The spork.

Last time you called your mom:
This morning.

Great chat, Lesli. You are a treat to work with. Those appendages are lucky to have you!

Check out Lesli’s vintage Etsy shop, Smoking Buffalo.

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