Genevieve Peel

Managing Director

Genevieve has set high standards for herself and for the rest of the office. She is not afraid to voice her opinion in order to benefit the client or Hole in the Roof.  If there is a problem that has gone overlooked, she is the one who will find it and fix it. She gets jazzed about the opportunity to create an image that will visually represent what her clients are trying to communicate. Some of her favorite clients to work with are camps and non-profits which she enables to push boundaries on a reasonable budget.

Genevieve believes in the “Waco Suck” theory which essentially states: “At first you think Waco sucks, but then Waco sucks you in.” When it comes to discovering beauty in strange places, Genevieve is well experienced. Her biggest passion outside of her husband and son is her photography where she captures beauty in even the common or mundane spaces in life.