Sunning, Sweet Tea, and Saturday Nights

The coming of these warmer days brings my excitement for summer. To me, summer means three things: sunning, sweet tea and Saturday nights.


Whether I’m boating on the lake, lounging at the pool, or enjoying brunch on a patio, I can’t get enough. While I’m not one to partake in tanning beds, I am guilty of wanting a little color, and summer is when I get it. While others might be neck deep in the pool trying to beat the heat, I am that silly girl sweating profusely in a lawn chair, trying desperately to get a tan, and enjoying it! Unfortunately, this sometimes brings sunburns which may be my least favorite thing about summer.

Sweet Tea

Nothing quenches my thirst like a giant glass of sweet tea. Some think our tea is too sweet down here, but to me it is perfection; the sweeter the tea the better. Whether it be homemade or a bottle of Sweet Leaf, I do not discriminate. I’m not quite sure when this fascination began, but when I turned 16, it became routine for me and my friends to drive into town after athletics to get a 32 oz. glass of sweet tea during Happy Hour at Bush’s Chicken. It was only 50 cents for a refreshing treat. You can’t beat that! Maybe it’s nostalgia or maybe I really like it. Either way, I can’t live without it during the sweltering hot Texas summer.

Saturday Nights

Some of the best nights of my life have been summer Saturday nights spent on a back porch relaxing and enjoying a beverage with friends and family. For some reason (maybe it’s our cold allergies), these late night porch gatherings occur less often during the cold months. I cherish these times that I have reminiscing about the past and dreaming about the future with my loved ones. Even if there are five different conversations going on at once, the fact that we are all there together is all I need.

So, in just about a month, after we reach that 90 degree mark, I will welcome that Texas heat drinking a large glass of sweet tea, sitting on a porch, and, probably, nursing a sunburn.

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