Cool clients, cool ideas, and cool projects are what make the world go round. I had the lovely opportunity to team up with my friend Andy from the Windy City for their first-time-limited-edition Pop’stache tees.


A little back story about these guys:

Pop’stache is an online arsenal for album reviews, concert photography and awesomeness altogether. They’re pretty new to the scene, but they have been around the block and have been making quite a name for themselves. I got to hang with them when they visited Austin the last couple rounds of music festivals. The guys were even sporting their new HTR threads (well, one of them was). If you like all things music and mayhem, check them out here.

On another note about Pop’Stache, “This Must Be the Fan” is their new Kickstarter project that has already raised several thousand dollars for their latest gig.

The ultra-visionary, Andy Keil, is heading the project. The team’s goal is to “redefine coverage of a live show”. They’re taking special interest in getting to know the culture of the fan. A number of photojournalists and writers are releasing  a print publication featuring the new insight into this year’s SXSW. Whether you were or were not in Austin for the groove fest, I have a feeling you won’t want to miss Pop’Stache’s coverage. Support their Kickstarter project here.

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