What We Do 
We have spent the last 16 years creating apparel for our customers, from initial design concept through the actual printing of apparel.  It's our joy to create relationships with people and serve them in an excellent capacity. 

Under One Roof 
We also provide literally hundreds of thousands of promotional items. You have heard the phrase "one stop shop" before. Well, sometimes that's a good thing - sometimes a bad thing. If you aren't really good at all of the things your shop offers then your work can suffer. That is why we are committed to being the best one-stop-shops around. We really do it all, and we strive to do it with excellence. 

Family Culture 
We were fresh out of college when HTR sparked to life, we have grown from friends into family over the years.  Our office atmosphere is casual while productive.  Big windows, concrete floors, wood accents, lunch time laughs, PacMan games, homemade cookies. We work hard and we are nice to people.

If you want to be in a space where work and people matter, apply with us!

Currently, all of our amazing roles are filled.  We are always looking for ALL-STARS, so if you fit that description, you can always apply and see what happens.