It’s Not Always Sunny in Texas

Last summer, I decided to take an opportunity to move to Waco, TX from my native state, Arkansas, and start a new life at a new job. Prior to my moving here, I had never been to Texas, and most of my ideas about the Lone Star State were derived from the movies and the western TV shows my dad watched. I’ve never been under the impression that everyone in Texas wears Wranglers and rides a horse to work, but there were some things that I was expecting to be more common in Texas than anywhere else. So in the weeks leading up to my arrival, there were a few questions that I had. Now that I have most of the answers, I feel silly about some of those questions, and I laugh at the ones that are surprisingly true.

Are hoedowns a weekly event? Not to my knowledge. I haven’t been invited to one yet.

Does everyone wear cowboy boots with spurs? Cowboy boots, yes. Spurs…not so much. I’ve probably only seen two people with spurs in my nine months here.

Is there grass in Texas or is it all desert? Surprisingly, there is a lot of grass. I have yet to see a tumbleweed role across the street, but I’m keeping my eyes open.

Does everyone have a gun? I don’t know about everyone, but a lot of people do. My dad is an avid hunter, so while I was growing up, guns were commonplace; but I had never shot one…That is until I moved here and went to a shooting range for a friend’s birthday.

Will I be able to wear my scarves? I am a scarf fanatic. So the idea of it being so hot that wouldn’t be able to wear my scarves in the fall made me sad. Luckily, it does get cold enough which leads me to my next question.

Is it always sunny in Texas? NO! There have been plenty of clouds, rain, and even a little bit of snow. That’s right, even the great state of Texas succumbed to this year’s polar vortex.

Do Texans really have as much state pride as they seem to? YES! YES! YES! I’ll let this quote from my co-worker speak for itself: “It’s not that we’re perfect. We’re just better than everyone else.” –Travis Young, Seventh Generation Texan

And the biggest question of all: Will I be able to build a life for myself here and enjoy it? ABSOLUTELY! I love everything about Waco. I’ve made great friends; I’ve settled into an amazing church; and I love my job. There’s never any traffic and, other than the occasional parking lot creeper, everyone is nice. Moving here might possibly be one of the best things I’ve done in my 23 years.

There you have it folks. Texas is not a barren desert devoid of grass; it actually rains, and I can wear a scarf in the fall. Not everyone is a gunslinging cowboy, and people do more than ride horses and attend hoe downs. It’s not always sunny in Texas, and that’s fine by me.

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