Introducing the new Hole in the Roof Blog!

Well it’s a new year and here at Hole in the Roof, well, things are a changing. Over the last year we have gained new employees, new experiences and of course, new paths to creativity. Since being creative is what we love and creativity is meant to be shared, we thought we would start a blog to share our passion with you.

You can expect to find updates about what’s going on in the world of Hole in the Roof, guest bloggers from our team, our observations, random bits of knowledge and advice on various topics we have experienced along the way. From website design to promotional products to every day life in the Hole in the Roof office,  you’ll see it all. We hope you will find it informative and even a bit entertaining, because hey, work is meant to be fun (at least we like to think so.) We are eager to see what this year will bring and excited to hear what you have to say along the way.

Cheers to a wonderful new year from the crew at Hole in the Roof!

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