From Conception to Production… Insight from a Graphic Designer

In November of 2009 I was given the challenge of coming up with some new  shirt ideas for our retail store, Congress Clothing. I originally created this “Free Bear Hugs” design more than a year ago when I first started working for Hole in the Roof, and it is just now hanging on the wall at Congress. It’s crazy to see how many changes I could make to my original design after designing for Hole in the Roof for a year. Experience and practice have made my designs grow so much. Let this go to show that your cool idea could one day be on a t-shirt, coaster, billboard, or anything.

I believe that what separates the ones that make it and the ones that don’t are the people around you and the ability to try, and try again. I would be nothing without my Hole in the Roof family teaching me and encouraging me daily. I couldn’t tell you how much faster I grew as a designer when I was encouraged, and how many “not so good” designs it took for me to learn what makes a good one. I’m still learning and that’s the best part.

So be encouraged. Put yourself around people who build you up and never ever let a challenge bring you down.

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