Everything is Better in Color

Wedding trends and color trends are something I look forward to researching every season. Not only do I have to know what colors are popular here at Hole In The Roof, but also I need to know what is trending for my wedding coordinating business, Blush & Bashful. When I meet with brides, I definitely want to hear what their vision is for their special day, but they also invite me along to bring fresh ideas to their “dream wedding.” It’s the same for my job here at Hole in the Roof, and I love that.

Since summer is around the corner, I thought I would highlight the trends for summer weddings and events. Theses colors are great for weddings, events, and promotional items.

My personal style goes for softer, cool colors like blue and green. It’s no surprise my favorite color for this season is Hemlock, Pantone 15-6114. Hemlock is a beautiful mixture of blue and green. The color reminds me of a mint or sea salt. Brides could use this color for bridesmaids’ dresses or floral arrangements. Adding a succulent to a bouquet or centerpiece would be a great way to add this color to the mix. For groups/organizations/or college associations which want some fresh apparel for the summer, Tultex Heather Green would be a great option.

On the other side of the spectrum is the color Cayenne, Pantone 18-0651. This color is close to a salmon or coral, but with a smidge of pink. You could pair this color with so many colors depending on what look and feel you want. You could pair Cayenne with a light shade of pink or white for a softer look. For a bolder look, use a blue to add more of a contrast. For college groups, Comfort Color’s Bright Salmon would be a great pick for this summer.

The last color I am going to spotlight is GOLD!!! I love everything and anything gold right now; whether it’s jewelry, flatware, drink ware, or ink on a shirt. I guess you can call me Rumpelstiltskin. I wouldn’t use it as a primary color, but definitely bring it in as an accent color. I love mixing gold pieces with green and red. For summer and spring, use a coral; but for a fall or winter event, use a darker red like Aurora Red or Sangria. Here at Hole in the Roof we have four different gold’s you can choose from to print on your shirts. I just think gold adds the right amount of pop to make something special.


I hope this post gives you some inspiration for your next event! For more information on trending wedding colors check out Invites Weddings. Let the planning begin!

Main Image by Jonnie Andersen

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