Don’t call him Harry!

Greetings Texans and others!

This is the first installment of the HTR-Down-to-Party interview sessions. It is here that you will get to know the soul behind your designers and sales reps and anyone else who helps to make the magic happen. Our first subject is Harrison Connally. Harristotle has been with Hole in the Roof for three years!

Let’s see what he’s up to…

Hi Harrison. My name is Becky Murphy and I will be conducting a short interview with you so all of our fans can get to know you a little better. First things first: if you were a cat, what life would you currently be on?

One and a half.

Very cool. How long have you been at HTR? What hats have you worn here?

Long enough to know what I’m doing but just barely. I wear no hats because 1) I’m not 34 and balding and 2) I have accepted the fact that every day is a bad hair day.

So I take it you don’t want to talk about the fact that you were a shirt guy and now you’re a graphic designer turned caricature artist? That’s fine. I’ll move on.

Oh that’s what you meant by the hat question… I see.

What kind of design makes you tick?

The kind that makes you say “Oh I could do that…but didn’t.”

I concur. What fad is extinct that you wish you could bring back to life?

Camo bow ties…

WA-RONG! The correct answer is Giga Pets.

What celebrity do you think you’re most compatible with? While you’re at it, what would you title your autobiography?

She would be a mix of Destiny’s Child, Madonna’s wild style, and Janet Jackson’s smile. My autobiography would be titled Hmm?

Good luck with all of those things, Harrison. I truly hope that lady you just made up will be in Hmmm? someday. What is something most people don’t know about Waco that you want to scream from the top of a mountain?

Its got nice sushi.

Oh…okay. I’m glad I didn’t talk to you when I moved here last August. Woof. What is your favorite design blog?

Designspiration fo sho.

 Do you subscribe to any magazines?

No…I have an iPad. Don’t hate.

Don’t worry, I do. If you were stranded on an island, who is the person from the office you would bring with you?


Just kidding. Don’t answer that. Unless it’s Joel. Then he might give you a raise. Last question: if Kanye were to read this blog post, what would you want him to know about you?

He has issues.

One more: do you forgive him for what he did to Taylor Swift at the VMAs a couple of years ago?

Only Jesus can forgive…So maybe?

It was a treat talking to you, Harrison. Best of luck with hmmmm?,your destiny’s child, and any camo bow ties you haven’t gotten to wear in a while.

Swing by soon to see more inspiration and other such goodies here from the heart of the heart of Texas (that’s Hole in the Roof).

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